Pro Display²

+20% battery. One charge –
one month of shaving³

32-Bit chip


Series 9 head shaves more hair in one stroke than any other shaver.¹


40,000 cutting actions cut every hair as close as 0.05mm. For a flawless shave.


10,000 sonic vibrations let the shaver glide over your skin with ease. For a shave as gentle as possible.

5 synchronised shaving


2x OptiFoil™

Cuts even the shortest hair.


Direct & Cut trimmer

Gets even the last hair, for a flawless shave.


Lift & Cut trimmer

Coated with titanium. Cuts even flat
lying hair.


Skin Guard

Protects your skin in every stroke.

Award winning design and craftsmanship.

Made in Germany

10,000+ Sonic vibrations per minute for
enhanced gliding.

Reads your beard 13x per second and adjusts power where needed.

100% Waterproof for use in the shower or with Gels & foam

Powerful Li-Ion battery with a 5 min quick charge when you need it

Clean & Charge Pro

  1. Selects the right cleaning intensity for your shaver
  2. Cleans it
  3. Lubricates it
  4. Charges it
  5. Dries it