Braun Clean and Charge Refills – 5 Pack + 1 free (CCR6)


Braun Clean & Charge cartridges hold cleaning fluid for Braun’s clean & charge stand with each cartridge lasting about 30 cleaning cycles. The cartridge installs quickly and easily, while the fluid cleans and lubricates the razor automatically and beard stubble cleaned from the razor is stored inside for no mess.

  • Pack of 6 cleaning refills
  • Refills are used in Braun’s patented Clean&Charge system base
  • During the cleaning cycle the cleaning formula automatically lubricates the blades for optimal cutting efficiency
  • One cartridge lasts approximately about 30 cleaning cycles

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High energy lubricants maintain your shavers performance, everyday.


A lemon-fresh formula ensures every shave is a refreshing experience.


Refills are all fully compatible with all smartshare and clean and charge units


Hygienically cleans to remove hair and residual skin particles.