Silk-expert Pro 5 PL5347 IPL with 5 extras: wide head, 2 precision heads, Venus razor, vanity case


  • Up to 6 months of salon-smooth skin at home. Visible hair reduction in just 4 weeks.¹
  • Optimal power for every body part with SkinPro 2.0 (SensoAdapt™)—salon-like technology that automatically and continuously adapts to your skin tone.
  • Braun’s fastest IPL for less missed areas. Flashes up to 125 times per minute for an effortless treatment & better skin coverage.
  • Gentle on skin thanks to two sensitive modes that reduce light intensity for a gentler treatment in sensitive areas like the face, armpit or bikini areas.
  • Standard, precision and wide heads for head-to-toe treatment—from legs, arms, chest and back to the face, armpit and bikini areas.

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SkinPro 2.0 (SensoAdapt™)²

Skin tone varies across the body, so the SkinPro 2.0 (SensoAdapt™) sensor (with UV filter) continuously reads your skin and automatically adapts the power of every flash to your different body areas.

Visible results for up to 6 months

Best-in-class power for visible hair reduction in just 4 weeks, lasting for up to 6 months.¹ Use the device once per week for 1 month to see the first results and get long-lasting smooth skin.

Powerful and gentle

The SkinPro 2.0 (SensoAdapt™) sensor continuously reads your skin tone 80x per second and automatically adjusts the intensity level to ensure the perfect balance between fast results & gentleness on skin.

Accurate and thorough from head to toe

This IPL comes with two precision caps for smaller, sensitive areas like the face and bikini, a standard cap ideal for underarms, and a wide cap for larger body areas like the chest or upper legs.

Smooth skin even in delicate areas

At the touch of a button, 2 sensitive skin modes adapt the light intensity for long-lasting smooth skin even in sensitive & delicate areas. Also ideal for first-time users.

Less missed areas

The Silk-expert Pro 5 is the fastest Braun IPL—flashing up to every 0.5 seconds. The continuous, high-speed flashes allow for effortless gliding & fewer missed spots.

10 levels of intensity

With 10 levels of intensity, SkinPro 2.0 (SensoAdapt™) precisely detects even the slightest skin tone variations across your body. This gives you the perfect balance of power for long-lasting results at home.

Built to last

The Silk-expert Pro 5 comes with 400.000 flashes that deliver an equivalent of 22 years of full body treatments³. It delivers a power level of up to 6j/cm² —the fast way to achieve permanent visible hair reduction.²

Find out if IPL is right for you

Braun IPL is suitable for a wide range of skin tones from light to medium dark skin tones, with hair ranging from natural blonde to dark brown or black. IPL technology is least suitable on very blonde, red, grey or white hair where there is less melanin to absorb the light.

¹74% hair reduction after 12 weekly treatments (combined value for bikini, leg, axilla). Individual results may vary.
²Shared technology with Cyden.
³This is not a warranty for the lifetime of the device.


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